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clinic - Shop 5, 128 Lawes Street, East Maitland, NSW 2323 | ph 0433 781 934 | nicole@nicolebarber.com 

- Nicole Barber Dietetics -

Welcome To Nicole Barber Dietetics;


Nicole Barber Dietetics: Two dietitians who love learning about and teaching nutrition. 


We know that our human bodies are not designed with all the nutrients they need to function optimally. We have a role to do, and that is to fed it. Yet the concept of "what do I eat?" has become overwhelming.

In today's society, there is a lot of pressure on our food choices. Many external influences now play a huge role, and this has even changed the relationship to our food. It has all become too complicated.  


It wasn't meant to be this complicated; we were designed to eat. At Nicole Barber Dietetics, we are passionate about breaking down the complexities and science around food, so you can get back to you. 


 "Our goal is to provide support, encouragement and education."


When you see a dietitian:

It's all about getting to know YOU! 

Every clients appointment will be different, as we offer an individualized approach based on you and your goals.

When you call, our friendly receptionist Lorraine will book you in for an initial nutrition assessment. This initial consultation will allow us to:

  • Understand you and your lifestyle - we will discuss your current habits and what you would like to change

  • We will offer you a free inBody Scan. This will inform us more about your body science - your total skeletal body mass; body fat; visceral fat; bone mineral content; basal metabolic rate and fluid content. We will also take your anthropometry measurements (body measurements)

  • Based on your InBody results, we will start your meal plan

  • Develop your Goals, and start goal setting (you will leave with 3 action goals)


During the initial appointment, a review schedule will be devised based on your goals and needs. We understand how busy life can get so your reviews may be fortnightly, monthly, or every few months to help you stay on track, its completely up to you. 

For more support, we do offer a “two feet in approach”, with our VIP 6 week support package. The 6 week package offers you intensive, individualised  support, and we touch base weekly. This is an ideal approach for those trying to loose weight. If this is something you would like to pursue we can discuss this during the initial nutrition assessment service.

Meet our Team:

- Nicole Barber: Women's Health Dietitian

- Shannon Cook: Dietitian

- Lorraine Renkema: Our friendly receptionist

Please review the 'Pricing and Location' tab for information regarding our location, fees and contact information.