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Hi, I am Nic, I'm not glamorous or fancy. I am just me. I'm an Accredited Practising Dietitian and a Health Change Coach but I don’t give you a generic sheet or just tell you to eat like a robot, because humans are not robots and we don’t need to be, to achieve changes in our health. 


When I work with clients, I like to come at it from a place of  trust. We are all on a journey. We have become so conditioned to society and it’s dieting mentality when the reality is we just need to find what’s right for each of us. This is a journey and no one is alone. 


My Approach.......

I takeaway the conditioning that we have to be perfect and uncomplicate the concept of food. I want you to invest in developing healthy habits that are sustainable for you in achieving your goals and I want to provide access for you to do this, no matter where you are located. 

How working with me can help you reach your goals.......

I work with women from all professions and walks in life. From teenagers starting their reproductive years, to women planning future pregnancies or who are lucky enough to be expecting, those trying to conceive, women with hormonal dysfunction and mums who have struggled with their hormones post babies. 

Our health can face many more challenges. Don’t let these overwhelm you. Together we can understand the health condition you may be facing, and find your health plan.

Things That Bring Me Joy


Why Private Practice

Confession: I actually did not set out to be a private practice dietitian. 12 years ago, I started in private practice, with the idea, it will be short term while my boys are babies, then I will go back to clinical practice, seeing clinical as the pinnacle. 

12 years on, private practice is my pinnacle. I realized, in private practice, I have to the opportunity to have real and engaging friendships, and this is me. I love getting to know people, and genuinely investing time to help someone.  

Why Dietetics

The study intrigued me. Our bodies can do so much, yet we need to work with our bodies to give them the nutrients to function. Food has become so complicated, and it did for me as well. I’ve struggled with knowing which foods are right for me; trusting food and our selves around food.  

Yet when I found my food, my body started to work again. So I have kept studying. I listen to podcasts; and read journal articles regularly on nutritional science; as I love learning. I love staying up to date about food and its true nature to work for our health.  

My learning then flows into all I do; and I see the “science” happen on a regular basis. When clients start re-engaging with these foods, a cascade of lights turn on in their health. Clients will say; Nic: “I trust bread again”; “I could eat the cake and not feel guilty”, “my periods have returned” “I am sleeping better” “I have lost 10kgs” “my doctor is shocked at my cholesterol change”; “I am pregnant”, “I used to feel I was missing out by eating the salad involved meal; but now I see them as the one’s who are missing out”.  

I see people break struggles; achieve personal goals; have medical professionals call and say they can’t believe the pathology report changes; and it all happens because clients start making small, but consistent changes in their food. By no means is changing your food relationship and habits with food easy - society makes it out to me; but it's far from it. That’s why it means so much when I see clients achieve.

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