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An 8 week all in one online nutrition coaching program helping women to achieve confidence in knowing what to eat to lose weight; regain their confidence and establish hormonal flow again.

Do you relate to any of these sentences?

  • I am so tired and I know I am missing something from my diet; but I can’t work out how to pull it all together.

  • I feel bloated; my bowels are not right and I just feel Blah…..

  • My hormones are everywhere; my skin is breaking out; my hair is thin; and my eyes are heavy, with dark circles under them.

  • My periods are heavy and irregular.

  • I go to the gym at 5am, drink 2 L of water; eat pretty good during the day, but I'm not seeing to lose any weight.

Let's focus on food first. When did it all get so complicated?

  • I’ve tried dieting before.

  • I feel like I live by all these rules, which, if I am honest, I am not really sure why I do what I do

  • I don’t eat bread, pasta, or potatoes... I drink almond milk….. 


Can I ask you a personal question, Are these strategies working? Are you any skinnier by deleting these foods? Why did you start avoiding these foods?

We start each new week with great intentions. We write the meal plan on Sunday; Monday goes okay but then the week happens and by Thursday we are ordering take away again, and by Friday/Saturday, all the food we brought hoping to use through the week is in the bin as we were just to tired to cook the meals. 

Day in and day out, you feel the pressure of what's to eat; there are so many expectations around what you should eat; you are getting advice from every person; social media platform and celebrity advice and it’s just too much.

You are tired; upset, feel like screaming. 


In your heart you feel "I just need accountability, support and someone to help create focus, a step by step plan which I can follow"

Stop the "one session style appointments"; and let's get real, honest and practical together - two feet in and get day by day support. Let this be the last “diet” program you sign up for. Allow me to help create steps of clarity for you. 

What’s holding you back from feeling great everyday?

just leaves.jpeg

Hi, I’m Nic. 

I’m an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and I’ve studied way too much science to let you go on googling the right diet for you. 

Human nature is designed to need each other. If Covid has taught us anything, it is that isolation is not good for the soul. Life is richer with others. Arms linked; supported and encouraged.

It is not wrong to need each other; but actually really healthy.

I will find out about you. I will find the food you need to restore a relationship with. I will create your meal plans and shopping list. I will check in on you. I will answer those question texts. I can create your specific day by day plan around your travel/ work day; gym routine and lifestyle.


Restore is about support and clarity; and it is goal achieving outcomes focused. 

What if I told you that the secret to being well is not going on another diet, but understanding your own individual needs.

Imagine yourself finding your own breakthroughs without relying on diet culture.

Here's a look at what is possible.....

  • Having a regular period cycle to help you get more in tune with your body allowing you to increase the chance of pregnancy for those trying to conceive, or planning too soon. 

  • Improve inflammation markers, have less flare ups with endometriosis; fatty liver; and stress hormones

  • Say goodbye to those troubling symptoms you are having - acne, excess hair, insulin resistance.

  • Changing your mindset around good and bad foods; and realising that there are no good or bad foods; that foods are just food. No food did anything naughty to become bad.

  • Achieving long term weight loss before, during and after babies




An 8 week online coaching program that helps women struggling with their hormones to create a positive relationship with their body, food and health.


Restore is for you if you......

  • Aren’t comfortable at your current weight and are ready to do focus on your lifestyle to get it to where you want it to be 

  • Feel weighed down by life; you are running on empty; and just want to get back on top of everything again 

  • Ready to make changes and have someone by your side bumping you along the way 

  • Have a medical diagnosis of PCOS or Endometriosis, Insulin resistance

  • Your periods are irregular or ongoing, heavy and/or painful 

Restore isn’t for you if you..... 

  • You just want a meal plan 

  • Aren’t ready. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink

  • You aren’t willing to make changes to your diet, exercise and sleep regimen.

  • If you don't like support 

  • Have been diagnosed with an eating disorder

What working together looks like. 

We'll work together to personalise your diet so you can feel confident in every food choice you make. 

We'll implement meal patterns that regulate your hormones. 

We'll work on boosting your mood and lessening your fatigue. 

We'll uncover any negative thoughts around food. 

Hone in on your fertility and pregnancy journey optimising your intake. 


8 weekly 1:1 online consultations. This is the ultimate accountability you need along with the knowledge and education to make informed food choices. 

Valued at $1320

resource hub

This online portal is the go to place for recipes, meal ideas, fact sheets, worksheets, trackers and trainings on just about anything you can think of when it comes to nutrition. 

Valued at $125

meal plan

Taking into consideration your food preferences, your medical needs and your daily activities, I will create a customised 7 day meal plan for you based on your individual needs. 

Valued at $150

7 days a week

Using What’s App messaging and email, you can ask me all the questions you need answers for in the moment. No more waiting until our next appointment and no more surfing the forums to wind up with 30 different opinions and no real answer.

Valued at $560

Now is the time to create change because your food choices matter. Today and every day after. Your health matters and you are worthy of being the healthiest version of yourself.

I’ll be there to guide you day by day.

Work with me for 8 weeks. Put two invested feet in.

  • Can I start the program anytime?
    When working with me as part of my Restore program, I invest my weeks into you. As such, I only have limited capacity to work with women at any given time point. For this reason, the number of women I work with is limited. Doors will open throughout the year. If you would like to join but I don't have availability as of yet, please join my waitlist to be notified of when the next spots are available.
  • How do I know this is not going to be another "diet"?"
    I work on behaviour change; and work in a way that finds the right food for you; not you eating what you think you should be eating. Education is provided all the way; so understand why the meal combinations are put together; and then you can apply this knowledge where ever you are in life (out travelling; out for dinner; at home).
  • Can I claim back on Medicare or Private Health Insurance?
    Yes. You will be issued an invoice which you can then present to Medicare or your Private Health Insurance to claim back the rebate you are entitled too.
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