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Nicole Barber Dietetics we love inspiring, guiding, teaching as well as learning themselves all things nutrition. 


We know that our human bodies are not designed with all the nutrients they need to function optimally.  We have a role to do, and that is to feed it.  Yet the concept of "what do I eat?" has become overwhelming.

In today's society, there is a lot of pressure on our food choices.  Many external influences now play a huge role, and this has even changed the relationship to our food.  It has all become too complicated.  


It wasn't meant to be this complicated; we were designed to eat.  At Nicole Barber Dietetics, we are passionate about breaking down the complexities and science around food, so you can get back to you. 


 "Our goal is to provide support, encouragement and education."

Nicole Barber

Director & Dietitian

Specialises in Women's Health

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