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Women's Nutrition Dietitian's

Nicole and Freya are two University trained girls who believe food is the gateway to good health.


Adapting your everyday food will allow your health to change. 

Are you facing a medical lifestyle condition, which requires a food intervention? Are you living in a body which no longer feels like you any more? Are you wanting to feel well again? 

We can help you. 

Using evidence based practice; we will teach; inspire and guide you about food again. 

Nicole and Freya:


Accredited Dietitian; Health Change Coach; 15 years of dietetics experience;

Masters of Science with honours (in Nutrition and Dietetics) 

NDIS Accredited. 

Passionate about: Nutrition Management of PCOS; Endo; to support Fertility; overall Women's Health. Also creating change in Emotional Eating Behaviours/understanding and breaking personal food habits;  


B.Sci (Nutr+Dietetics); Accredited Dietitian

Passionate about: Nutritional Intervention for Diabetes and Heart Disease; Food for Teenages + kids; Family Nutrition 

Also loves cooking and healthy meal development


Personal Approach

We offer one-one sessions in our office located in the heart of East Maitland, NSW Australia. One unique service is our InBody 270 machine (find out more in "services"

We also offer telehealth services for those who live a little further from us; or just prefer this option. 

Nicole Barber has a premium online personal coaching service coming soon. 


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