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Food is just Food

Yet food has become complicated 

We were designed to eat. Our body needs nutrients found in our food to function optimally 

Yet the whole process of what to eat has become crazed 

At Nicole Barber Dietetics, we want to help you navigate. 


Find a routine with your food, so you can understand food better and what is best for you and your body. 


We can help personalise your food plan, based on your 

- schedules 

- likes and food preferences 

- medical conditions  

Nicole and Freya see Food as Medicine. 

They are both University trained in Food Science and Food Nutrition. 

Together they both love working in women's health and disease management and or prevention.

Yes food can be changed to manage a health condition (and we do this); but we also love working with you to prevent the health condition.


Improved eating on a regular basis will give you more confident within yourself; give your body energy; and help to improve your mind focus and concentration. Sleep is better; bowels improve. Lots happen when we form some consistency with our food intake.   

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Nicole Barber

Freya Proctor

Director & Dietitian

Nutrition for Women's Health and

emotional eating. My biggest drive is to uncomplicate food

and our relationship with food and our body 

I also work in all lifestyle disease management areas:

- PCOS; endometriosis 

- IBS + Gut Health 

- chronic constipation 

- fatty liver 

- high cholesterol; high blood pressure 

- type two diabetes mellitus; insulin resistance 

Weight loss; Weight gain; Body Confidence 

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Specialises in adolescence health; family nutrition; 

weight management; lifestyle disease's

(cholesterol; diabetes; hypertension)



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