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The Resource Hub

Come inside my Resource Hub

Learn to reconnect with food again.

An invitation only membership for existing clients to learn about you, why you do certain habits; how we can choose different actions and the support you need to create change. 


Get to know the right types of foods for yourself


Know how to read food labels in each of the different food aisles

Make sense of food

Understand what food is and the different types of food


Be provided with food strategies to manage your health conditions

Less Stress

Learn how to meal plan like a pro with recipes and meal ideas 


Work on understanding habits & tracking goals

I’m here to help you build long lasting healthy eating habits

The Resource Hub is perfect for you if you......

  • Have the knowledge; but need the space to break down the knowledge into a practical action steps for the week ahead

  • Know that there is always something more to learn

  • Understand the key to success is being held accountable to someone. 

  • Are wanting to continue to work on their habit changes

  • Need to stop the all or nothing, black or white thinking


Nutrition Education Resources

Over 50 nutrition education resources covering topics such as reflection worksheets, diaries, eating plans and fact sheets which are continuously being updated with new ones each month being added which supports behaviour and knowledge.

Recipe Collections & Meal Plan

Seek inspiration from our library of recipes, list of dietitian approved products and meal plans to get you motivated and adding to your weekly reportoire.




Fortnightly Check ins

Accountability at it's best. In these sharp shooting session I'll answer any questions you have and we can celebrate your successes and troubleshoot your challenges together. 

A space to be honest; real and have someone by your side.


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