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Probiotics & PCOS

For a woman with PCOS are there any known benefits outside of the norm for taking Probiotic Supplementation?

A study in 2018 looked into the effects of probiotics in PCOS. The randomised double-blind trial was conducted to assess the effects of probiotic supplementation on hormonal profiles, biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress in women with PCOS.

In a 12 week trial, 60 women with PCOS (aged between 18-40) received either probiotics or a placebo (30 participants in each group) and the study team measured the changes in participants hormones and as well as inflammation markers.

The results showed that the probiotic supplementation of women with PCOS for 12 weeks had beneficial effects on their total testosterone (male hormones) and inflammation levels. A reduction in male hormones and inflammation markers improves fertility rates.

Studies into PCOS have shown there are higher inflammation markers for women who have the disease. When monitoring my clients with PCOS and using diet therapy to treat PCOS, I monitor their blood results (biochemistry). When seeing differences occur in hormones and inflammation markers in the results (data), this is real progress!

To date, we know there are a number of ways we can reduce inflammation markers and one of which is through taking probiotic supplements, as they are live microorganisms which when consumed can change the intestinal health.

The probiotics used in the study were Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei and Bifidobacterium bifidum (2 × 109 CFU/g each). So, when looking at your probiotic, try and see if it includes these strains.

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