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1 yr birthday! Nats 20kgs. Sweet Potato vs Potato



Did you know its been 12 months since my very first email?! Can anyone remember what my very first email was on?


My second email sent was on honey vs sugar; so I thought as its the "email" birthday, I would follow suit, and look at sweet potato vs potato (findings below).


I would love to know, what was your favourite email?


These emails have been a huge stepping stone for me. I hope the benefit brought from them has and will, far out weigh my fear. I am pretty blown away that every week for 52 weeks now SOMETHING has formed each week to email you.


My heart behind these emails is to encourage you (and me) to keep going. There will always be moments where it gets hard, but as long as we remain focused, we can keep going.


The power happens, when we do not focus on our mistakes, and instead focus on what our next "power play" will be.


Change does not start in your behavior. It starts in your thoughts.


Did you know that there are more neuron impulses being sent from our brain to our eye, then there is from our eyes to our brain?


What does this mean?


Our minds can tell us things which may not always be true. We need to guard our thoughts. Studies show that the first 5 minutes of your day, will set up your day.


Positive Perspectives. Daily we need to be training our minds to focus on these.


A way to continue to focus on the positives, is to set ourselves goals / and or dreams to be fulfilled. It is what keeps us going forward.


In Proverbs 29:18 it reads "where there is no vision, the people will perish".


With no vision we are not living; we are just existing.



Set your goals and or dreams to be fulfilled. Expect the obstacles but don't stop for it. It is part of the journey, they add colour to the testimony.  


Tonight I am truly honoured to share some of Nats testimony. This beautiful lady is setting her goals, and she is achieving them.


To Nicole; I absolutely adore you. Thank you for reading my emails each week and doing life with me.


Wow, my dream achieved. This non sport; 80kg+ year 7 girl; is inspiring health! xx


Meet Nat!


In 4 months Nat has lost 20kgs.


Next to her phone Nat wrote 4 numbers: x 12/15. No one knew what these numbers meant; but to Nat it was a daily reminder of her goal. (x = goal wt).


Nat's testimony is really powerful and one day she may share it with us. But the moment when her mindset changed was when life was actually at its hardest point. It was a Fight or Flight moment in life.


Nat rose.


Nat will be honest and say its not about perfection. She still has Wednesday naughty night. But she wants more. Nat is focused.


Nat is her own beautiful flower. Flowers do not compete; they just radiate. x



Sweet Potato or White Potato?


The media loves sweet potato. I feel for the white spud. He gets a bad wrap.


I put the two potatoes side by side into calorie king. The analysis is:



                                                                                                                    Cals kJ              Fat  Prot.  Carb.  Sugar  Fibre  Sod.

100 g of cooked: Sweet Potato, Average All Types, flesh, peeled, boiled     76  319  0.1  2  15.2  6   3.2   10


100 g of cooked: Potato, flesh only, boiled                                                        60  251  0 2. 4  1  1.2  1.7  1.8  5





Interesting?! There is more energy in the sweet potato; more carbs and more sugar. mmmm


But different potatoes do give different nutrient benefits. So rather than avoiding a type of potato, why not just go for a variety and keep the amount of the dinner plate balanced out with 5-6 other vegetables each night. Food variety is very important for our Australian food supply. 



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