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1 in 5 grocery bags you buy this week will end up in the bin

Food Waste


We all know food waste is a big problem in Australia, but in our last cooking workshop Amorelle was sharing some food waste statistics which, to me, I found quite alarming.


Did you know

- 318kg of food is wasted each year per person in Australia

- 1 out of every 5 grocery bags you buy, per week, will end up in the bin

- up to 40% of what we through out is FOOD

- this equates to an estimate that the average NSW household throws out $1,036 of food every year.

(now add this figure up per person in Australia... $8 billion worth of edible food Aussie's bin each year!!)

The Second Part to this, is WHY?

- we cook too much

- we buy take-away, instead of using up the left overs

- we don't know how to use our left overs

- we buy on impulse, rather than sticking to our lists


Did you know - another 20 to 40% of fruit and vegetables are rejected before they even reach the shops .... (fresh food people)... as they don't meet consumer standards. The "dodgy apple" is OK!!  


One simple strategy we can all do is manage our purchased food. Rather than "what's for dinner?, "oh I feel like chicken, I'll go buy chicken", why not have a clean out the fridge night once a week? It can end up a bit random, but have a look in the fridge and cupboard and then decide what you will make.


Is it another hashtag? #cleanoutthefridgenight 


More facts - http://www.foodwise.com.au/foodwaste/food-waste-fast-facts/




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