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A private insight to a runners heart

On Thursday 15th Oct, I sent out a special email to share this personal testimony with my clients - 


On Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 3:01 PM, <garry@five30runners.com> wrote:
hey Nic, no better time than while the experience is fresh in my mind. Not sure if
this is what you was thinking of :-)

You get an idea, you set a goal, train harder and presto - you have a new  PB - the crowd cheers, lots of Facebook hi fives and you feel bullet proof.

Really - it’s that the way it happens for everyone? You could believe that from your facebook feed.

Well not for me :-) and for lots of others.

A wise Guru once said "Don't ever get caught up in just the numbers". OK not wise and not really a Guru, and yes it was me.

The 10km sub 50 minute race has been something I have been chasing  and I
do know I can run it - but I never officially have. In the Sydney10 in March 2014 I ran 50:28 on a 10.1km course - Strava time for the 10.0km was 49:32.

So after some time training for my preferred longer distance races, a couple of months back I got stuck into some intervals, watched what I ate and was running fast in training - 4:30pace repeats and some 3:30pace
intervals - slower than lots but flying for me you could say.

I set 3 goals for sub 5 minute pace - 8k, 10k, 15k all in a short period with the 10k and 15k races on consecutive Sundays.

Are you getting the picture here?

Running well, in pretty good shape, setting goals and expecting to achieve them.

So where am I at?

8k NSW Race at Raymond Terrace - 40:28. Missed it by 28seconds!!


What happened? Had a good friend pace me and he went out too fast. Yep I was wearing my watch but felt good so went with him. At 5kms I told him I was hurting and to go. My heart rate averaged 181 and went up in the final stretch.

So with a little less confidence I approached the iStadium 10k - again knowing I should be ok to get a 49:59.

What happened? 52:07 (2 minutes off my PB) and was disappointed for a while but still smiling and happy that I still enjoy running. I followed the 55minute pacer (not the 45) for 1.8kms then took off
and at halfway was back close to being on track, 13 seconds down at 6k and blew up at 7kms. How could I run a second race and make more silly mistakes??

No excuses - had all gone to plan I may have missed 49 minutes because my legs were a little tired from intervals and pacing my son at parkrun the day before.

So Monday morning I get up and during the morning sneak a look at my results.

iStadium 10k 50-59 age cat - 5th place out of 15. The first 2 guy ran 42minutes and I could never get that now. Two thirds of the whole 10km field was behind me. A pretty good day.


Reality check:


At 53 years old I can pace friends to a 2 hour half when ever I want. I can run any distance below that at a good pace for many. I love coaching and running with other runners. I have my health and my dodgy heart
value is holding in there at the moment. I am a few weeks away from becoming a grandfather for the first time. My wife and son now run parkrun with me.

That to me is a pretty good picture and without a lot of numbers. Yes set goals and chase them because that helps to motivate you – I will always set goals and chase them (and get nervous and make mistakes and set big goals and train too hard or train the wrong way).

However just getting out the door and having a go is all that is needed. When you fall down, get back up and have another go. The time or distance is not always, maybe never will be the most important.






Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard. Its doesn't matter the level, no one has it easy, even the "fast guys". 


I hope this email encourages you Nicole; and I thank Garry for allowing me to share this with you on this Thursday night. 


Note - I am also thinking of Kath Morris, Bron Guy, Lyn and Graeme Pritchard who are doing the F15. Katie Young who is running the run leg of the ironman classic in Foster and Kate Jones who is doing her first bike race called Crown to Crown.


All big events yes, and all out of comfort zones. Each are nervous. But I believe they can, just as I believe in you. We can do WHATEVER we set our hearts on. No matter the score, making it to the start line is the point you became a winner. 

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