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An Apple a day, will keep the doctor away... It IS True




I have been reading the CSIRO summary report (16 pages long!!) on the health benefits of apples (I know Sharron, I may need a burrow a book from you).



BUT Apples are amazing! So summary points from the document 


Apples are rich in vitamin C, potassium, dietary fibre and phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are not essential nutrients for life, but give your body incredible benefits when eaten. There is more phytonutrients in an apples skin then flesh.



Did You Know? If you keep your apples in the fridge they will retain their antioxidants and they will also stay crisper for longer.



Apples and cardiovascular health

Apples can have a cholesterol lowering effect (shown to reduce total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol by 5 to 8%).

There is a growing body of evidence which supports the consumption of an apple to help change some blood biomarkers in humans (positive health benefit). For example, procyanidins (found in apples) can positively effect the vascular system antioxidant activity in the blood.



Apples and weight

A recent study (Flood-Obbagy and Rolls, 2009) showed having an apple before a meal helped increase the satiety experienced from the next meal (and hence the individuals ate less).



Apples and Asthma

Several epidemiological studies have found an association between increased apple consumption, good lung function and a reduced incidence of asthma.



Apples and Type 2 Diabetes Control

Apples are a low GI carbohydrate snack, which does suit a meal plan which monitors blood sugar levels.

I was interested to read the results of two epidemiological studies which both concluded that flavonoids did not have a diabetes- protective effect, suggesting that the beneficial effect observed with apple consumption may be related to the action of phytonutrients such as quercetin.



Truly, we can change our health by eating apples. Sometimes I think we are crazy. How often does the apple get skipped? It's like we need to forehead slap ourselves. No packet of chips will change your health. .


My Challenge - an apple selfie! Each afternoon grab the apple from your bag, and munch on it for the afternoon snack. Its great in car while driving home (there is a good 20 minutes in an apple).



Did you know? There are only 4 or 5 different varieties of apples available in Australia, yet there are 100s of different types around the world? For Biodiversity benefits, don't stick to buying the same apple all the time; there is importance in buying variety




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