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Iron - an important nutrient, don't skip it

You guys hear me say this so much, but what you eat MATTERS.

I know, I am a nerd, but I do love learning. I love understanding the science behind what happens in our body. I think it is incredible how all our cellular pathways in our body require nutrients and these nutrients can be obtain all in what we eat. It is amazing! Living well actually is not complicated. We just complicate it, or we short change ourselves too often by not being organised with what we eat. Each meal is an OPPORTUNITY to NOURISH your body.


One nutrient I want to focus on tonight is iron.


Why is iron important?



- It’s a micro nutrient, needed in your red blood cells, to carry oxygen around your body

- It helps your immune system fight infections

- It helps activate “energy” from the food we eat


HAEM Iron is the BEST form for the food. It is found in our animal products. The plant based iron your body will struggle to absorb (so put the iron enriched cereal back on the shelf). The graph below is incredible. The grey line is the amount of iron present in the food; the red iron is how much you actually absorb.  



To reach your iron requirements (for ladies up to 50 years old, it is 18mg/day, and for women older than 50 years and for men it is 8mg/day) you need to be having red meat three times a week. The redder the meat, the more your body will absorb (hence red meat like mince is not great for iron).


If you can add VITAMIN C to the meal, you will have greater iron absorption (so kiwi fruit, capsicum, tomato, broccoli, and cabbage are all great F+Vs with high vitamin C contents).

Tip -eat a piece of fruit with your thai beef salad to help increase the iron absorption;  make a kiwi fruit salsa to serve with your next BBQ steak;  or make beef kebab sticks with capsicum and tomato pieces on the stick.



Kiwi Fruit Salsa - http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/24252/kiwifruit+salsa


Note Pictures Above Are Not Mine.


What You Eat Matters. To live well, we need to eat well.

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