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Climb to the stop. Don't sit down. Don't turn around.


Mt Everest climbers start their hike with a goal in mind - to get to the top.

All the training has been about this hike, this moment. When the hard moments come, there is two options - sit on the side of the mountain, or keep going. Living on the side of Mt Everest really is not an option. They have to keep going. Pain, hurt, tiredness all has to be ignored, and a deeper strength has to kick in for them to keep going. No one will analyses their jounery, they will just see the photo finish. The photo of  achievement. In that moment they conquered it all.


Link this to our efforts with weight loss. How many set out with a personal deep goal in mind, like reaching the top of a mountain? Or how many set out Monday and give up by Wednesday because the motivator was not a personal motivator but rather it is because you feel you have to (remember diets sell). Did you set out and train for the hard moments? Or are you taking the option to sit on the side of the mountain?   


Is our life just a numbers game? Is eating the salad for lunch just about numbers on the scale (ie diet food)? Or is it chosen because of the nutrient value gained from that roasted pumpkin and chicken salad? Do you see the meal as an opportunity to nourish your body with the nutrients needed to sustain your life?


We are designed with an incredible digestive system, we are cellular beings. Our brain is 40% lipids, and omega 3s is the most important lipid for our brain – ie to learn and retain knowledge, eat your Atlantic salmon twice a week (Emma explained this so well last week).  


You always have a choice, even if you’re coming back late from somewhere, or if it is shopping night. Plan ahead, train for it.






Click on the video below for my late dinner experience -





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