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clinic - Shop 5, 128 Lawes Street, East Maitland, NSW 2323 | ph 0433 781 934 | nicole@nicolebarber.com 

A personal testimony from Bec - at 22 years my life was mess and each time I tried to lose weight I "failed"



My journey to good health begins back in 2007, I was 16 years young and relatively fit and active playing sports and eating right. I was never a "stick skinny" girl but for me I was a healthy weight. 


Until i started getting sick and followed by that came the constant uncontrollable weight gain. I finally went to the dr to get some answers, I was sent for bloods and scans and was latter told that I had an endocrine disorder called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome  or (PCOS). This condition causes a women's ovaries to be larger then normal and produce painful cysts on the ovaries, instead of the usual monthly I myself may have only 3 random ones a year. This causes me to feel bloated and horrible almost every day as what doesn't come out stays in. Along with this comes excess hair and the worst one of all constant weight gain. 


At that stage I was told I only needed to lose 10kgs , which sounds like nothing but with PCOS not only is it easy to pack on weight but it's extremely hard to loose the weight. 




I started seeing Nicole and walking and going to gym I even did a 10.5km Charity walk with Nic, but after seeing little to know changes after all the hard work I put in I gave up. I had failed so I quit. And this went on for another several years, trying hard, failing and quitting.

I had let myself go so bad that In the space of 4 years I had gone from a healthy size 12 to an unhealthy size 20 and my heaviest of 110kgs.  Packing on that much weight I had made myself so much sicker, I had become a pre diabetic, my cholesterol was through the roof, my body ached like an elderly person and overall my head was a mess all at the age of 22. I got so sick that in July last year I had to have surgery to remove an 11cm round cyst from my left ovary.  






After surgery I had made a decision to never get like this again, I started walking followed by running on the beach, I later moved back to NSW from QLD and have joined the gym again and started seeing Nic again, to her amazement and my pride I had dropped 23kgs In 4 months and was feeling fantastic. I still have a long way to go but I now know that I can and will do it. It's an amazing feeling to go in and see her and know that each time I go in my measurements are going down. 


Just remember that it's ok to fail, because "in order to succeed one must first fail", it doesn't matter how many times you fail it's when you pick yourself up that counts. 





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