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I have become even more aware of how much we live in a fast pace society where everything is instant.


Yet there is one area that is not instant. It is Dinner (as well as a few other areas).


But Dinner creates so much pressure on every household.


Did you know the number one meal cooked by most households in Australia each week is Spaghetti Bolognese (according to the MLA survey)?


Meat and Vegetables is too complicated.




Why? "Because we are time poor".


No we are "mind poor".


Our lives are so busy that by the end of the day we just can not think any more. I believe in some part, what ends up happening each night for dinner is more a mind influence than a time influence.


We are ok to spend time sitting in drive thru waiting for our (instant) food. Hey we can spend oodles of time on social media. But when it comes to, "what's for dinner?", its a decision made when we are emotionally and mentally exhausted and we just can not think what to do for dinner.


Meals like spaghetti Bolognese probably take the same amount of time as " meat and veg", and if the two meals probably take the same amount of time to cook, then the variable lies with the mind. The jar of Leggo's takes no thought. 


I asked a client this week, what their favourite dinner meal was?


The answer - a blank look. It brought to mind, most don't mind what they eat, and many woman will say, "anything as long as I do not have to cook it".


Society has complicated dinner. They have made it an event. Yet Dinner is an opportunity to nourish your body, just like breakfast is, and breakfast is ok to be the same most mornings.


Interesting Concept to think about I think?


I mentioned last week, I am learning, life is not about perfection. Its actually far from it. Doing life well, is about putting one foot in front of another and having control in the steps.


If there is a way to create ease to your day, can I encourage you to take the pressure off the dinner meal.




By organising tonight and tomorrow nights dinner ahead of time. In this way your not thinking every day "what's for dinner", and when you make the decision ahead of time it will be less influenced by our worn out end of the day state. 




A friend shared this you tube clip on our FLASH page during the week and it really resonated to me.


Taryn Brumfitt’s has created the "Body Image Movement" and her message is "Celebrate body diversity and positive body image. YOUR BODY IS NOT AN ORNAMENT, IT IS THE VEHICLE TO YOUR DREAMS!"


Taryn achieved the "perfect body" but found the perfect body did not equate to the perfect happiness. Please watch the clip, it will move you. 





Watching this clip gave me a different perspective.


In light of this clip, I asked Kerry if she could share on "update" on your journey (Kerry shared her testimony back in Januray (remember if you miss any emails you can catch up at www.nicolebarber.com) and excitingly she said YES -


Where am I? I feel as I’m in a wired place in my journey…. A place where I know what I need to do, I have all the tools, but that next step… the step to actually doing it, is too hard and too scary. If I start to lose this weight… things will change… Am I afraid of change? No I like change as long as I’m controlling it! If I lose this weight…. Then all the things I put off till I lose “the weight” I’ll have no excuse not to do them!! (Things like... my odyssey list, dating and chasing new career etc…)


I have been seeing this amazing psychologist regularly to help conquer my weight loss issues and other things in my life. My last session we were talking about the loving yourself as you are… as I don’t understand how you can love something you wish to change like my weight!! I came to the conclusion that I don’t have to love the weight, but I need to accept what is. And still love me in the meantime, as I am not my weight!! He said if I lost my weight in a perfect manner, how long what it take for me to reach the goal where I would be happy…? I’m like 12 months…. He replied so you stay unhappy for 12 months… no one would keep losing weight not being happy all that time.


 Life is forever changing for me…

  • I’m now home-schooling my boys.

  • My body loves 8 ~9 hours sleep.

  • I hydrate my body by drink 4 litres of water every day.

  • I love myself a little more…

  • I’m now getting regular haircut and colour!(look out) lol

  • Every week I sort my fridge, freezer and pantry out as I’m writing my meal plan and shopping list for the week ahead.

​Yes I have made so many changes in my life for better health, but now it’s time to step it up!!


Kerry xo

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