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Bling it up

What do you like about you?


It is a hard and confronting question I know. But honestly, this healthy living lifestyle is not an easy one. It takes effort and the effort to keep going means you need to like yourself enough to do so.


Finding something you like about yourself is a question I asked Sue last week and one of her answers was "I like that I can bling it up". I LOVE this and it has suck in my mind each morning when I have been getting ready. Wearing bling can be difficult, like putting on nice clothes such as a dress, as it draw attention to ourselves, and this can be hard when we don't feel like we deserve attention.


I filmed this clip a little while back (its shaky I am sorry) for my ladies weight loss challenge. While its not about bling, its about valuing yourself to do the weight loss journey. So many of us can start things, but finishing something is where the challenge lies. 



You are not alone in not liking yourself or not liking certain things about yourself. Did you know only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful? I read an article a little while ago which surveyed a group of models asking for their self valuation and their average rating was a 7 out of 10. Now these are ladies who are paid for their appearance.


How you see yourself is important.  I know this is a lengthly email, but this next clip is really impacting. It is called the Dove Real Beauty Sketches. Please press play as I know you will draw benefit from this clip.


Beautiful girl, you are beautiful. Allow yourself to take notice of the postives. Bling it up this week. Wear your bling with confidence. And let me know if you do.






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