Initial Nutrition Assessment


Whether you have seen a dietitian before or not; we are all different; and our appointments maybe different to the ones you have (or haven't) had in the past.


There are no food pyramids; and no generic sheets.  We have a very relaxed and calm approach.  We know the first appointment can be a nervous time.


The main goal from the initial appointment is to meet you.  Every relationship has a nervous first date; but with time, those nervous first date feelings drift, and it becomes "I'm just checking in with Nic". 


No two initial appointments are the same, as it depends on what your needs are. Generally speaking:


  • we discuss what's happening for you at the moment; find out the areas you might like help with 

  • you are offered a free InBody scan (body composition scan) 

  • if you are after meal guidance, this is developed for you. This can be based on your InBody scan analysis; or based on your health needs (ie IBS management, endometriosis management) 

  • education all the way.  We believe education and knowledge is the key part to you understanding your health.  So everything we do and suggest is explained 

  • you will receive a follow up email, with a nutrition topic sheet (if appropriate); summary of your goals; any meal guidance/plans we develop and any other notes from the session. 

Duration:  50 - 60 mins

Review Nutrition Consultation


Review appointments create support, accountability and a "two feet in" real relationship approach. 

At a review appointment we can:

  • rescan with the InBody scan; re weigh and measure

  • work through the last week; or few weeks or months events/challenges/wins 

  • start working through your topic sheet on the different areas of nutrition that you want to learn more about (emailed after the first consultation) 

  • reset and refocus new goals for the coming week or weeks ahead.  Its call creating a GAME PLAN!

Duration:  45 mins

Shorter Reviews: $80 

  • for clients who attend on regular basis (ie week to fortnightly) 

  • 30 minutes

Nicole's Premium 1-1 Online Coaching Program 

Coming Soon 


Inbody Scan Analysis


Body composition is more important than weight.  Research has proved that its body composition which will impact our health; not just body weight.



The InBody 270, uses bioelectrical impedance to determine your body composition.  This is a non invasive method of measurement, where you just stand on the foot pad, and hold the arm handles. 


The scan will determine your: 

- Total skeletal muscle mass
- Total body fat in kilograms
- Total body fat percentage
- Visceral fat
- Segmental muscle and fat analysis
- Bone mineral content
- Basal metabolic rate


We use this information to create a picture.  This picture is more meaningful when its compared. So in a few weeks, after some dietary changes are implemented, we rescan, and the changes will show the differences on your InBody composition. 

HICAPS and EFTPOS Available

Medicare EPC's are accepted, and these allow a Medicare Rebate from the consultation.
DVA Gold Card Approved.  

Private Health Fund Approved (HICAPS). 
NDIS Approved - I am pleased to advise that under Section 73E of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act, the NDIS Commission has made a decision to register BARBER, NICOLE (trading as: Nicole Barber) as an NDIS provider.