Nourish Cooking

Four Vegetables Plus One

"All the skills and techniques to transform four seasonal vegetables, a whole lot of grains, pulses, seeds, nuts, spices and aromatics to be the main event on your plate.""


Welcome to Nourish Cooking

Our Workshops are for you.  Our aim is to create confidence in the kitchen, so meals can be easier.  The key goal is for you to learn the skills so you can transform your basic ingredients;  the vegetables, the legumes and pulses, the nuts and grains, into main meals.  The recipes are simple. 

With Chef Amorelle Dempster, we have put together these workshops for over 5 years now, and they continue to be well sort after.  The feedback we have received on why this is;  is people just love the hands on, relaxed practical approach. 

As we have based each workshop on local ingredients, each workshop changes, based on what is in season that month.  This is another aspect of the workshop we have tried to capture, so we can all learn more about our local produce near in Maitland. 

Price & Inclusions

$85 per person, limited places available (classes are limited to 10 people). 

The workshop includes: a welcome herbal infusion tea; a 'round the table' format to cooking in our family styled kitchen; all the recipes (plus extra notes on local suppliers and produce); food eating as you taste the food we create (plus we will give you all the extras to take home so you can share with your family).

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Venue & Dates

Venue: The Readers Cafe and Larder kitchen, East Maitland. (Opposite the RTA). 

Dates:  Come back soon for 2020 dates

Book Your Spot

For more information or to book your spot, you can touch base via email or phone to Nic or Amorelle 

Amorelle: 0427 548 886

Nic: 0433 781 934

or you can pop into the Cafe and chat with Amorelle

Image by Amin Fakhari