You Get Nic

Women's Health and Wellness one-one personalised coaching


Most women who wish to lose weight and improve their eating habits enroll in mass diet programs, yet not many achieve what they had hoped to from the program.

Those who achieve their goals use a more personalised approach.


I am real. Yes I am a dietitian, but I am female too, 


For years I have struggled with weight and personal confidence.


I've been overweight and underweight. Had years of chronic debilitating migraines; acne and missing menstrual cycles (18 months even without a cycle).

All of these areas of my health have changed when I changed my relationship with myself and my food.


I am now a loved wife and mother of two teeange boys; I no longer have osteopenia; I have regular 28 day menstrual cycles and the acne is back under control.


I live to enjoy food; my food does not control me.


I see my life in the way He created me to be. 

My coaching program is an investment but it’s an investment that will change you.


I have completed Health Change Coaching* (certified with Health Change Australia); to help draw the connect between wanting change and achieving change.

We all know the apple is better than the chocolate bar, but yet at 3pm or 9pm it’s the chocolate bar we will all eat.



Because emotions and learnt behaviours will always win over logical knowledge.


We are not reboots; we are beautiful women filled with emotions, hormones and personality.

Girl Running in a Field

I want real change.


I want us as women to be who we were designed to be.


To be confident; awake and in control. And for this to occur, we need to change our approach to weight loss; nutrition and health programs.

This is why I want to do health coaching with those ready to take steps.

From when I started my journey as a dietitian 15 years ago to today, my approach has changed.


I want more for my client’s.


I have realised there is a disconnect between intention and action.


Its just knowledge we need. We need support to create inner mindset change. Just spending hours creating meal plan is not going to be most people's solution to losing weight and improving their health.

Over the years focusing on this would see client's focus fade; and clients report they felt like a failure as they weren't doing what they "should be" doing.

So I have invested in becoming a Health Coach.  

My Areas of interest:

  • Female hormonal health: regaining regular menstrual cycles; fertility; understanding your cycle (which does influence our food choices, as we are 28 day cycle woman) 

  • Female conditions: PCOS; Insulin Resistance; Endometriosis; improved fertility (and babies happening)

  • Emotional eating: understanding triggers; working with strategy; regaining confidence over your food and body 

  • "no more side line living": living your full life as a mum; woman; partner not on the sideline but involved. Being in the photographs, Being confident in you again.

  • Reducing bloating; irritable bowel symptoms; irregular bowel habits; improving gut health

  • Food being enjoyed again (organizing food for the week; planning meals; finding your texture)


  • Two feet in; we do this together for 8 weeks 

  • In the 8 weeks; 

    • We will have weekly one to one personalised coaching sessions together where I will provide support to you in achieving your goals. 

    • Outside to our calls, you will have regular access to me, so I can provide all the support you need ​

    • I will develop a personalised nutrition plan based on your body's requirements, but also enjoy. I want to see you thrive with real food again. Every 2 weeks we will create a new targeted food plan just for you. 

    • We will work together with strategy to understand emotional triggers to behaviours. 

    • Look after your whole health: sleep patterns; fluid and food intake and physical movement patterns. I see your body as a 28 day cycle; and I want you to thrive in your body.

    • You will have access to my online portal which has topical blogs; shopping guides; recipes; and videos to learn from at your own pace

How to Apply

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"You Get Nic" 8 week coaching program